Blogmas #4: Preloved Cord Levi's

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more cord items, but I can't stop won't stop. I found these on Depop for an absolute steal! I'm probably giving off grandad vibes rather than the French Girl Chic I was hoping for. But I'll keep wearing them regardless because they're super warm and I feel like the cut is kinda flattering - well, I feel good in them anyway and that's what matters! 

Cords Levi's via Depop (alternative here)

I love wearing them with navy and red jumpers and I'll probably just pair them with a basic white tee when the weather is warmer with a red lip and pray that I'll magically morph into Jeanne Damas (how does she manage to make even corduroy look sexy?) At least one consolation is that although these are still kinda geeky they're a helluva lot cooler than the aqua blue cords I used to rock when I was 11! 

Although these trousers are very seventies they're especially nostalgic to me because funnily enough the blue cords were my first foray into preloved fashion so I feel a little like I've gone full circle. I remember I was so chuffed with them, I'm pretty sure a character in a Jacqueline Wilson book had a similar pair and back then those books were my world. It was a little shop in Rochester that's long gone now but I used to love rummaging through the rails trying to seek out the gems! Second hand shopping can be a lot harder these days (and much more expensive) but it can be worth having a little patience - these trousers were only £17! In fact the boots are a fab depop find too, but I'll show you more of those soon...

Are you a fan of preloved fashion? What do you think of the corduroy trend?

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