Florals, For Spring?

Dress One Topshop via depop  
Dress Two Kate Moss x Topshop via Mary's Living & Giving Shop | Save the Children UK
Shoes Zara via my mama


I'm sorry, I know that phrase has become as cliche as, well, florals for spring but I cannot resist a Devil Wears Prada quote. These photos are bringing an element of sadness to my life right now as I'm currently sitting here wrapped up in a blanket as it's so frickin' cold and my house seems to have decided that as it's technically spring we have no need for heating. It's correct, but this is England.

So perhaps the timing of this post is a little off re weather and it maybe is re subject matter too as I'd like to chat a little bit about sustainable fashion as last week was Fashion Revolution Week, but I suppose we should be talking about sustainable fashion all the time! I'll admit I'm a huge high street fan, as is evident on this blog, but being in Brighton has definitely made me more aware of the choices I make. I also recently visited Fashion from Nature at the V&A recently which was food for thought (post coming soon!) I use as little plastic as I can, I rarely eat meat and I buy cruelty free products but for some reason I'm struggling to rein in the high street habit. Terrible, I know. But over the past year I've gotten much more into buying second hand items (see some things I've picked up here) which is why I'm showing you these two dresses today which were both thrifted. In general I think buying winter clothes second hand is more of a struggle as I'm quite fussy with things like knitwear, however most of my summer dresses have been preloved and are in excellent condition as I feel like people are quicker to discard summer clothing. I mean I don't know about you but I invest a lot less money in my summer wardrobe as the clothes are cheaper than winter coats and boots! I know I cannot preach about being sustainable but my point is, next time you're looking for sunny weather gear it's well worth checking out Depop/Ebay and the like as there are some real bargainous gems to be found!

What are your favourite thrifted finds? You can also find my depop page here, I'm often adding new bits to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust!

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