A Corduroy Comeback

Jacket Weekday 

A one true pairing.

So you know how some colour and textile combos are just so delicious? Blue velvet, red suede, green silk...dreamy! For me my OTP is pink and corduroy, I don't know why I have such a thing for it but it has my heart. Maybe it's because the colour softens what is quite a utilitarian material and in turn the cord toughens up the sugary connotations we might associate with pink. You know I'm all about that boy meets girl look! Or perhaps it's more simple than that and just takes me back to my childhood, although the 2018 comeback is a wee bit cooler - especially when they come in the form of this Weekday jacket.

 I was lucky enough to win an ASOS voucher from Katy (sign up to her newsletter here!) and although I'd intended on buying some jeans with it (as if I need any more pairs) I saw this on the New In page and Fell. In. Love. I'd not bought from Weekday before but I will 100% be buying from the brand again - it's such great quality, I love the slightly structured shape which smartens up what could be a very casual piece. I mean look at the collar - I die. The length stops at a flattering point on the hips so it gives you a bit of shape but looks equally cool when layered over a longer top. The sleeves are the exact right length, I was *blessed* with rather lanky limbs so to find something that's not too short is a Holy Grail for me. Also it's perfect for the so-called spring we are apparently in as the colour is very season-appropriate but it also keeps you cosy when there's a pesky chill in the air. It's been my go-to this week, here are the ways I've worn it which all look pretty similar I know but hopefully you'll get an idea of how it takes an outfit from zero to hero. Plus I don't know about you but I'm far more interested in seeing 'real-life' outfits, so this includes what I actually wore to a club in the last look. So it's currently covered in gin, but no matter as despite it's cutesy shade this jacket is made of tough stuff. Anyway I don't believe in being precious with clothes. Things shouldn't be 'saved for best' because it's way more fun to have a piece that has stories and memories attached to them! Saying that, I can't believe I went on a night out dressed as a little boy - my 18 year old self would have been mortified. 

Outfit #1 | Sunglasses H&M
Outfit #2 | Sunglasses H&M  Top New Look
Outfit #3 | Top Zara Jeans BDG Shoes Converse

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