A Simple & Glowy Spring Beauty Look

Because while the flowers may be naturally blooming, this gal needs a helping hand.

It may be, actually it most certainly is, the Glossier effect because I am alll about illuminated and dewy skin right now especially as I have a bit of a tan going on. Basically I want to look as if I glow from within, like a Turner painting - I don't ask for much, I know. Alas I don't drink 2L of water a day, I pull way too many late nighters (not as rock and roll as it sounds, I'm usually up doing pointless things like googling facts about the cast of Hollyoaks when I don't even watch the bloody show) and since Solution let me down so spectacularly I haven't exfoliated my skin for months. Despite all of this neglect my skin doesn't give me too much trouble but there are a few key base products that I think deserve a shoutout because they just step ya look up a notch with #nofilter necessary.

NYX Illuminating Primer | When I first swatched this I was a little dubious as it comes out white. As someone who spends a large portion of an evening fake tanning a few times a week I was slightly worried that all my effort would go to waste and it would make me look pale but I had nothing to fear. It creates a smooth base and illuminates the skin whilst remaining sheer. I will definitely repurchase.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation | On really good days I reckon you could get away with the primer by itself but as I like a good base I've been using this foundation on top of it. It was an emergency buy as much to my smug delight the foundations I had were all too pale. This is really fab stuff, it lasts forever and I find it so hydrating. It's not a heavy, full coverage foundation so it feels so comfortable on and I think it looks very natural too. It's such a shame that it's not cruelty-free though and for that reason I don't think I'd buy it again, as much as I love it.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer | Again this was an emergency buy (did I mention I have a tan?) but I'm so glad I got it as it's one of the best concealers I've ever tried! Hydrating, long lasting and full coverage whilst not feeling at all heavy on. I will buy this again and again, I can't believe it's only £6!

Revolution Bronzer Bronze Kiss | I'd left my bronzer in Brighton so this was again a quick emergency purchase. For £2 I wasn't expecting much at all but it subtly adds a warmth to the skin that means you can build it up slowly without looking like you've gone overboard. Plus it's matte too, hallelujah! I think I'll most likely buy this again as the fact it's not too dark means it'll be a great option for winter too.

Sleek Make Up Face Form Light | This has been a long time everyday staple, I've been particularly loving the blush at the moment though - it adds just the right amount of colour and I love the little flecks of gold that provide that glowiness that I crave. I use this palette so much I think I'd be a bit lost without it so when I eventually hit pan I'll be repurchasing for sure.

Glossier Haloscope Quartz | Out of everything I have from Glossier this is without a doubt my most used product. I'm obsessed with highlighters so have tried a fair few and I can honestly say it's one of the best I've tried. It's perfectly dewy rather than the dreaded glitter ball effect and it looks so effortlessly cool. I'm already coming to the end of this as I use it almost daily so I'll be buying another asap.

Then I just use whatever brown eyeshadow I have to hand (anyone else own about 20 million of them?) and a bit of brown liner, mascara (I'm using Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara at the moment because they gave it to me when I got my brows done, it's actually really good!) NYX Tinted Brow Mascara (*controversial* I know but I prefer it to Boy Brow - don't @ me) and finally some Pillow Talk which is the greatest lipstick in all the land.

Here's a really crap snap of everything I used. I was thinking I was quite low maintenance and laid back with make up but it seems I like to put a lot of slap on my face.

Please tell me your glow-to's, I'm particularly on the lookout for a nice and dewy foundation that doesn't test on the animals!

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